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Be patient with Diflucan

on February 29, 2012

I think Md’s totally under-estimate the severity of a systemic candidiasis. Systematically, Md’s tell you that you will recover within 1 or 2 weeks from Candida. However, when you read all candida forums related, people are talking about years of fighting against Candida. It has been also my case. In this context, you may believe that Diflucan does not work because you took it during 2 weeks. In my case, i only noticed Diflucan effects after 1 month. Perhaps garlic also helped to maximise the Diflucan effect. Anyways, Diflucan and garlic is a very good combination.

You may ask me how i know if Diflucan is working or not. It is simple. When i first started to take diflucan and when i took small amount of it (150mg daily) i didn’t feel anything and i had no die-off symptoms. If i needed to take at least 750mg of Diflucan to get a response. That was pricey and i was still sick afterwards. I decided to change my strategy by taking a small amount of Diflucan everyday and i discovered i had more and more die-off symptoms with a smaller amount of Diflucan as compared to the time when i started to Diflucan. In other words, i was “more sensitive” to smaller amount of Diflucan than before.

Thus, i thought that Dr Cranton anti candida plan was right. Rather than taking big amount of Diflucan during 2 weeks, we have to consider taking Diflucan on a daily basis up to 6 month in a row. Durations on are impressive. Some take Diflucan for years.

I personally had no side effects related to Diflucan. On the other hand, i think many people are wrong when they consider Diflucan to be responsible for their body reactions. I do think Candida is under-estimated. It is deep in the tissues of the body and it is really hard to kill. Candida is not a bacteria. Candida is robust. Die-off effects can last for years. When candida dies it releases a lots of nasty things for the body. How do people know if the cause for “side effects” are candida die-off or Diflucan?  To my opinion, people are wrong, they experience Candida die-off and they think it is side effects. If Diflucan was responsible for liver impairment, kidney impairment and other things, it would have been banned for sale. if you are healthy, you can take any anti fungal, you will not feel anything. Give 400mg of diflucan pills to an healthy person, and you will see!

I am convinced that diflucan is not responsible for the following reasons: If i take 10 garlic pills in a row with a green tea, i am going to have the same effect in my body than eating 500mg of Diflucan in a row. In fact, i discovered i had the same die-off effects with all effective antifungals. This is how i have been able to determine which antifungals was effective and which was not.

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