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Buy Baking Soda online in the USA for curing candidiasis

on July 6, 2011

Suggestions before buying baking soda:

First of all, Baking soda is the popular term for sodium bicarbonate. When i did not know this product, i followed advices from the internet where it was said we could buy baking soda from the supermarket.  I did it and then, i bought PURE food grade sodium bicarbonate from health shop. I discovered there were two totally different products. The supermarket baking soda was not water-dilutable and it was mixed with starch. However, we know that starch feeds candida. Both of the products taste different. Thus, it is important to buy 100% PURE sodium bicarbonate. You will see the sodium bicarbonate can be diluted in water very quickly. half a tea spoon is enough in a normal glass of water. You may also buy tablets of baking soda. I really advise to buy baking soda tablets since it is easier to handle as compared to powder. Conversely, it is difficult to determine the right dosage when you have powder of sodium bicarbonate.

Here is my selection of sodium bicarbonate tablets. US buyers may buy these baking soda tablets at

If you prefer powder of sodium bicarbonate. It is also available for sale at for USA citizens.

 Baking soda has been useful to slower my bowel movements. Thanks to baking soda, i needed to go less to the loo. For the first time ever, i discovered going to the loo shouldn’t cause any burning sensations. It was also the same with urine. I used to have a mild burning sensation after peeing. Everything vanished with baking soda. By the way, stools analysis showed my stools were acidic. So it is normal i did help to counterbalance acidity since it is a very alkaline beverage. Nevertheless, in my case, baking soda has not been beneficial in the long term to help killing candida. I think it is a good product to get intestinal relief.

There is also an issue related to baking soda in-take. Drinking baking soda produce some kind of limestone. Some kind of limestone lands at the bottom of the toilet unit. It is important to clean the toilet unit often otherwise it is very difficult to remove.

By the way, i took a huge amount of baking soda on its own, meaning i ordered “pharmaceuticals” baking soda and i used to take 2 teaspoons of baking soda with lots of water, every 2 hours during 10 hours. In fact, i used to drink a 1 liter and a half bottle of that alkalinised water every day. In total, i drunk something like 40 bottles. Unfortunately, i didn’t really see a definitive improvement thanks to baking soda. The bowel movements sped up when i stopped baking soda. Nevertheless, i am convinced baking soda is helpful to people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal pain or mild form of candidiasis.

Baking soda does not interact with lots of things. Nevertheless, it interacts with Lemon, vinegar and alcohol. If somebody eats a lemon,vinegar or alcohol with baking soda, it will produce Co2 and a chemical change will occur. It is not dangerous. It will just destroy the beneficial effect of baking soda.

In conclusion, baking soda is helpful but should be associated with other antifungals (diflucan,garlic…).