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Candida – the Blood sugar level importance

on July 7, 2011

After 3 years of candidiasis, i understood that one of the most important parameter in candida overgrowth was the blood sugar level.

Once, i discovered the blood sugar level chart in a 3 meal day. It totally matched with my symptoms through the day. In the morning, it is the time when the die-off are the worst. It is when the blood sugar is the lowest. After eating, I felt sleepy. It is when the blood sugar level is the highest. Actually, Science proved that simple carbohydrates trigger sleepiness. In the evening, this is the time when my conditions allow me to have more energy. It is the time when the blood sugar level is a bit higher.

I do think a low blood sugar kills Candida. I did some experiments. I decided to do everything that could lower the blood sugar. I fasted, i drunk a bit of Cognac, i took a shower and then… yes i felt very very bad. I think i had the strongest die-off effect ever and it was almost unbearable. I don’t advice to go for direct fasting. the first time i fasted, i sometimes felt that i was about to pass away.

Knowing that i am on a low carb diet, i think the margin to recover from candida is very small. It means you have to be very aggressive against candida to win the battle. I do think candida steal sugar from blood. I also think antifungals are useless if the blood sugar is too high. Let me repeat it. The margin is very low. It means blood sugar level HAS TO be very low to recover from candidiasis.

When my blood sugar was low i had all the symptoms from hypoglycaemia. I lost temper, my skin was itchy, i was asocial, i couldn’t sleep… I dealt with it.


Mornings are the most important time to fight Candida. I stopped to have a breakfast in order to avoid one daily peak. I still have lunch and dinner.

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