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Candida is under-estimated by medical authorities

on March 12, 2012

All over the world, many doctors from medical authorities are under-estimated Candidiasis. I don’t like to use the word candida over-growth because it is an euphemism. We should call it: “the candida disease”. This euphemism from medical authorities costed me precious years of my life. I have an advice for people who are fighting candida now. If you suffer from candidiasis, consider candidiasis fight as your number one in your priority list. Everything in your life should be organised to focus on the candida cure. 7 years ago, i used to take garlic, echinacea and green tea. I did it for one year and i┬ámistakenly┬ástopped my in-takes and switched back to Coffee after symptoms were gone. That was a MAJOR mistake. Candida came back some years after with even more power. If i would have stopped coffee with sugat at that time and if i have continued to take odor controlled garlic pills, i know my life would have been different. In fact, what is the cost of eating lots of echinacea pills, garlic and other natural antifungals ?

A preventive approach does not cost anything. It is like brushing your teeth in the morning and washing your hands. Unfortunately, medical authorities don’t take candida seriously. That’s why so many people have candida today.

I am surprised when i read testimonial of people over the internet who say they found a MD who diagnosed candida. I lived in several countries, and none of the MD’s i have seen ever decided to do a Candida test. However, a candida test is such a small thing compared to a HIV, hepatitis or cancer test. It is strange there is no protocole to diagnose candidiasis today. I know it is difficult to detect but we don’t live in the 19th century anymore. Practitioners can detect it in stools or blood.