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List of fruits with high glucose amount

on April 14, 2012

Many people think that fruits only contain fructose. They are wrong. Some fruits contain glucose and even sucrose. The fruits with the biggest amount of glucose are the following:

Fruit amount of glucose per 100g serving
Dates 32g
Grapes 27g
Figs 24.79g
Cantaloupe 10g
Orange 8.50g
Cherries 6.59g
Kiwies 5.2g
Plums 5g
Banana 5.8g
Plantains 5g
Blueberries 4.8g
Apple 2g


Here you can see that raisins,dates,cantaloupe and orange are not a good option if you suffer from candidiasis. Some people tells you that drinking orange juice is healthy. Unfortunately for 100ml of orange juice, you are going to get 8.5 grams of glucose. Knowing that 100ml = 100mg, the amount of glucose is 8.5 ml. So, in a blink of an eye, your blood sugar level is going to rise up since glucose go straight in the blood. Notice that if you buy an unsweetened pack of grapes juice, you are going to get a lot of sugar in it. No need to add sugar to grapes juice.

Besides, raisin does not only contain glucose. It also contains fructose and sucrose. Science have still no proof whether fructose feeds candida. Nevertheless, we know that sucrose feeds Candida as sucrose is made from a fructose molecule and a glucose molecule which are split up in the small intestine.