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How did i recover from Candida ?

on February 22, 2012

Here is the procedure after 7 years of fighting candida. I will further explain each of the points in articles.

  1. I stop eating between meals.
  2. I stopped eating breakfast
  3. I used to eat normally at lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, i chose food to never exceed 20 grams of carbohydrates on a daily basis.
  4. I stopped bread, rice and pastas.
  5. I ate up to 80 odor-controlled pills of garlic every day. Less than 20 daily odor-controlled pills in-take were useless.
  6. I ate echinacea pills from time to time.
  7. I stopped eating fruits
  8. I stopped Coffee, cigarettes and ALL stimulants (except tea)
  9. I took one pill of diflucan on empty stomach everyday for 6 months
  10. I decided to have a less stressful life.


Today i slightly changed the procedure:

  1. I eat cooked cheese in morning because it contains almost no carbohydrates
  2. I eat lots of raw and cooked vegetables like spinach,pees… with fish,meat,poultry,sea food.
  3. I drink white wine as i am convinced it helps to clean.
  4. I stopped bread, cakes, rice and pastas. In fact, stopped all starchy food. From time to time i eat potatoes and fries because there are digested pretty quickly.
  5. I replaced garlic with red onion because i discovered a very helpful component in red onion called quercitin.
  6. I drink real green tea.
  7. I don’t take any stimulants including coffee, cigarettes and other.
  8. I stopped all simple carbohydrates in-take. I don’t chocolate, fruits, soda, sugra processed food or beverages with sugar. I ended up with a Zero tolerance with carbohydrates. By the way, let’s remind that french fries don’t contain any simple carbohydrates. Conversely, fruits does contain simple carbs.
  9. I take two pills of lamisil per day rather than Diflucan
  10. I am on a diet close to the Atkins diet

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