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How do i know if i am recovering from Candida?

on February 22, 2012

Since Candida cure can be very long, it is very difficult to know what feeds and what kills candida. Furthermore, it is very difficult to follow up candida activity as there are many different symptoms that are linked to it. I developed my own technique to know whether or not i was recovering from Candida. I am convinced that a die-off pe

Take a paper or open a word file. Write down the today’s date. List ALL your symptoms. Then, one week after, check if something changed. One symptom

To my experience, some symptoms worsen during candida die-offs. Here is a list of those symptoms that should worsen during die-off. I consider die-off may last years. That’s why it is really difficult to know what cure from candidiasis and what worsen candidiasis. For sure, you may partially experience those symptoms.

Symptoms that worsen during die off
Unstable mood: Euphoria, hysteria
Mood swing: Depression (during the day), Paranoia (during the night)near death feeling (just before going to bed). Lack of patience. Irritibality. Lack of motivation
Extreme Fatigue
Local spots
Itchy skin
Muscles camps, Intestinal cramps
Short memory loss
Cognitive impairment: Difficulties to speak. Difficulties to focus. difficulties to schedule and plan

The symptoms from the blue list were the last to disappear. I am familiar with those symptoms and that’s why i have been able to overcome it. Once you know it is part of die-off, it makes things easy. For instance, Depression, Paranoia and near death feeling are among the worst feelings during die-off.

List of symptoms that vanished after time ranked by chronoligal order from the first to disappear to the last to vanish
Irritable bowel movement
Stressed intestine
Joint pain
bad blood circulation
Hypersensitive tongue, skin, eyesight and ear
Muscles cramps
Lack of appetite
Sugar craving
Stimulants craving (coffee, cigarette, drugs)
Feeling cold (especially cold feet and cold hands)
Low muscle tone (hypotonia)