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How to avoid burning sensation in stomach with garlic

on February 29, 2012

I had sometimes strong burning sensation in my stomach after eating odorless swanson garlic pills. This issue especially happened in the morning on empty stomach. The burning sensation was sometimes unbearable at the beginning of candidiasis. Sometimes it came from the intestine and sometimes it came from the stomach. Interestingly enough, even if i took a small amount of odorless garlic pills, i felt this sensation. Strangely enough, i could not prevent or predict this burning sensation. Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn’t happen. Sometimes i was split in two on the ground. Sometimes it was a mild pain. I had this issue for 4 years.

Hopefully, i’ve found a way to stop this burning sensation and still eats garlic. I switched from odorless garlic pills to garlic soft gels. I didn’t feel painful stomach after eating garlic from the time i started to take garlic soft gels rather than garlic odorless pills.

Plus, garlic softgels contains more garlic than a garlic pill:

  • One swanson odorless garlic pill is equal to 500 mg fresh garlic
  • One swanson garlic softgel is equal to 1500 mg fresh garlic


If you live in the USA, I recommend to buy garlic soft gels at and try it.