How to interact with people when we suffer from Candidiasis

My strategy for social interactions:

I have found that the best thing to do was to isolate me from other human beings. I previously talked about living in the countryside. Nevertheless, it is useless, if people from the countryside visit you all the time. In fact, A house of a suburban area where you don’t know anybody can be the best solution by far. You should know where you go & there is no room for uncertainty in your life.

Choose your relatives:

If there is someone in your entourage that puts pressure on you, it will create a psychological on-going concern in your mind. When you have candida, you lose a bit of lucidity and you worsen the downsides of things around you.

That’s it is important to be surrounded by people who will not put pressure on you. By the way, you only need one person to make you feel bad.

That’s why i call psychological hypersensitivity. Interestingly enough, i have found that psychological hypersensitivity was worst than surrounding noises.

There is nothing worst than being criticized while you suffer from Candidiasis.

Don’t underestimate people’s capability of causing harm. For instance, you can’t imagine that your wife or your husband can cause harm to you but if you find that they put pressure on you. In this case, i do encourage to use a bit of your energy to think about how you can stop that.

I have met many people who were in denial. They considered that i was not sick. You find also this kind of people online, who tell you that systemic candidiasis does not exist. I talk about healthy people for sure. They know better than you whether you suffer or not, it is crazy!

For instance, you can have a serious conversation with your relative or you can make a decision to protect yourself.

In my case, i have found strange that people pressuring me were worst than screaming police cars on the street even if noise is also a problem.

Don’t look for trouble:

Consequently, it is useless to talk to people when you don’t need to talk to people.

Think about a real strategy for your social interactions. Perhaps, some of you were very social people before getting sick. It is time to change your way of thinking. Now, if you don’t need to talk to a person, you should not talk to a person. I have also found exhausting to explain over and over again candidiasis. I do understand also people with chronic fatigue now, because i guess those people aren’t always well understood by people. From my own observations, when you are sick, people are more exhausting than domestic pets.

We should keep our energy for people who are important to us. In fact, you should talk to those people and make them understand your new life.

Think about a communication strategy. Since there are still many people who think that Candidiasis does not exist, there is no name on this disease, that makes it very difficult for candida sufferers.

Also, mainstream media don’t talk about it that much even if there are thousands of medical studies that cover this subject. In fact, it is important to know what to say to everybody around you.

Avoid people in general

I prefer to go to supermarket at hours of the day when there is nobody around. In fact, i go to places when there is nobody around. By reducing my interactions with people, i also reduce any uncontrolled situations that would put me in trouble.