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Where to buy food grade Iodine based medicines in the US

on March 13, 2012

Iodine can be taken as medicines to cure various diseases. Iodine was a mainstream medicine at the beginning of the 20th century. It has been replaced by antibiotics. Two iodine medicines are sold today. The lugol solution and Iodoral. Lugol’s iodine is a solution of iodine and potassium iodide in water. Iodoral has the same ingredients under the form of tablets.

I both tried lugol’s iodine and iodoral to fight Candida. I found that lugol had several downsides. The after-taste was not so good and it is difficult when your tongue is hypersensitive. Lugol cannot be stored for a long time. I bought some lugol’s solution and after 2 month, the liquid turned from dark red to transparent. However, i kept the bottle in a dark place. It is also very constraining to prepare the drops each time you need it. Conversely, iodoral tablets are really handy. First of all, component density is standard. You don’t have to be concerned about the amount of iodine you are taking. The product has the same effect as the lugol solution. It is also easy to bring it with you if you travel (if you take a plane for instance).

Now, let’s speak about the use of iodine in the candida fight. I noticed iodoral was not so useful on its own but if i added iodoral to artificial antifungals (nizoral,diflucan,lamisil) it was really beneficial. I decided to take one 50MG iodoral tablet just before dinner in conjunction with one 200mg nizoral, one 150mg diflucan and one 200mg lamisil. I also took one iodoral tablet in the morning.

Iodoral is made of iodine and potassium iodine. I have been surprised to never feel any side effects related to iodoral or lugol’s solution. When i took a large amount of iodine for the first time, it was like taking a lot of coffee. I felt a hypophysis gland stress but it all vanishes after 3 days.  i have noticed more die-off effect.

Below, i selected the iodoral products where tablets contain the highest number of iodine because a systemic candidiasis requires big guns. It is possible to split up each of the tab. I advise to start by splitting up one tab in two for the first 3 days.

Buy iodoral 50MG (high density) – 30 tabs at in the USA:

buy Iodoral 50MG – 90 tablets at in the US:
I took two tabs like this one everyday for 45 days.