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list of high-carb fruits

on April 14, 2012


Fruit name  carbs grams per 100mg serving
Raisins, seedless 79
Dates, raw 74
Bananas, raw 22.81
Figs, raw 19
Oranges, raw with peels 15.5
Apples, raw with skin 13.81
Apricots, raw 11.81
Pineapple, raw 11.8
Plums, raw 11.42
Orange juice no sugar added 10.5
Melon, raw 9
Warermelon 7.55

We extracted this information from carb-counter.org and we double-checked with US FDA carb counter list

Don’t forget that carbohydrates means both simple and complex carbohydrates. Those fruits may contain glucose, fructose and sucrose. In comparison to vegetables, we should not forget that high carb fruits contain a significant number of simple carbohydrates.