My testimonial about water fasting against candida

during 5 years, i have tried several times to do a strict water fasting. At the very beginning, it was very hard, I remember my first 24 hours, i thought i was about to die. I felt depressed. The Die-off effects peaked to the maximum i felt dizzy. I felt foggy for sure but it was not the worst thing. I remember i have tried 15 days water fasting. When i started to eat after a 15 days water fasting i felt very very very bad. I had horrible intestinal pain after eating. I had that kind of intestinal pain when i started to change my diet a long time ago, and i know that candidiasis suffers know what i am talking about.

It was more than that. i could not do anything. I thought i was about to die. My health condition was so bad so that i have called the hospital. However, i am not sure whether those 15 days water fasting were useful or not.


It is useless to hurt yourself. think water fasting can be really dangerous for candidiasis sufferers. However, i didn’t see a big difference between the time before the water fasting and after the water fasting. I really discourage you to do what i have done. I have found myself in extreme weakness situations. At the end, i have seen a doctor. I had to call my parents to help me. It made the situation more complicated (and it was complicated enough with the chronic fatigue).

I have found an alternative. 1 meal = 1 day. 

The idea is to put all the meals together rather than eating 3 times a day. I know already someone who only eat one meal per day since 30 years and he is still alive. It inspired me to do the same. This way, your intestine is working and flushes the bad stuff. Furthermore, you don’t endanger yourself. I would like to pin point that even if you eat more during this meal, you will see that when you don’t eat the die-off is stronger. Then , you are on the good fast track.

In my case, i have calculated that i ate 350 grams of food twice a day. So, i have created one daily meal with 700 grams of food. It is important to eat enough, otherwise, if you don’t eat enough and if you are hungry after 2 hours, you ruin your efforts.



  • Kevin

    So what happened? Did you finally eliminate the Candida? It seems as though you didn’t eliminate it from reading your posts and mentioning your belly is still inflated. Maybe you can update this thread.

    • admin

      Sure, in fact, i will have to update lots of things on my blog because i made lots of discoveries. Yes, it is inflated because it is not over and in fact, i discovered i had an inflated belly each time i found a new successful antifungal. for instance, with garlic, i had a very inflated belly when i used to take a huge number of garlic pills. However, after sometimes, the garlic effects vanished. So now it is inflated but it is a good sign. I made good progress. For instance, i go to sleep at 10:00 pm everyday. Before i had to go to sleep at 8:00 because i was so tired.
      I discovered new interesting things: Colloidal silver and the importance of vitamin D and sun therapy. I am going to write something about it.

  • Stephanie

    You say in your march comment that you no longer have diarrhea but have an inflated belly. That’s a pity, given that earlier it seemed to have flattened. Any idea why that is?

    I’m currently doing a water fast. Aiming for 7 days. On my 4th day today and feeling pretty foggy…

    • admin

      the 7 days water fast is perfect. And you are going to feel foggy and perhaps dizzy. I want to mention something. When you will start eating again. Choose liquid stuff like soup and things that are easy to eat like Kiwi ( i know it is a fruit but it is an exception). Eat just a bit. If you don’t stand water fast at any time, STOP IT. don’t try to go beyond your limits because you may have also very bad intestinal cramps when you will start eating again.

  • Tammy Howell

    I can’t believe you broke your fast with cheese, kiwi, ham…I think you need to read some candida books and what NOT to eat, you should break fast with small amount of cooked carrots..I love dairy , too, but can’t eat it with candida..I just started a water fast for fibroids and 3rd day now and I feel tired but so much better, lost 5lbs. of water..I will try taking my diflucan,, couldn’t hurt, would love to kill yeast down, I have been fighting it for 30 years.But, I can say when it is killed down you will feel 100% better. Good luck to all those who battle it.. take a really good refigerated only probiotic daily, I take 6 caps a day, religiosly..good luck

    • admin

      Low carb diet is the best. I think Kiwi is not that good because it contains sugar but i did it on purpose. I suffered too much i needed carbs.

      I would also suggest you to drink organic green tea like gunpowder (can be found everywhere) and Bancha. Those two types of tea are full of anti-oxydants. Warning, if you have a systemic candidiasis. You can vomit after drinking those two types of tea. That would be a result of extreme die-off.

  • Inna Z

    Thanks for sharing. It was very interesting info about fasting. Please join my new group to share information about candida diet

  • kevinc boston

    Hi, not too many posts here. I hope you somehow have beaten your candida and moved on, but this disease is so awful I have only seen just a couple of people that managed to do so. Hopefully you are one of them.

    I am somewhat of a veteran of water fasts. I have done about 10 if you include a few single day fasts as well. The longest I have done are 10 & 16.5 day. I have read a couple of books as well. Sadly I also have Candida & leaky gut. This my only real reason for water fasting. I have also read a couple of books on the subject as well.

    One thing you mentioned that I question is taking Anti-fungals during the water fast. I noticed you mentioned you believe it increased die off. One should take strictly water during a water fast. The best possible quality of water and preferably distilled water, as it helps remove toxins from the body. No supplements of any kind or food should be consumed during the fast.

    The amazing health benefits of water fasting occur once the body goes into ketosis. In this stage it will feed off of ketones, fat and even cancer. This is when the body begins the deep healing of repairing organs and other damage done to the body. If someone consumes any supplements the body will recognize it as food and naturally go back to normal functioning. So it most important to stick to high quality water.

    You may have also caused damage to your organs by being to aggressive in taking anti-fungals in the manner that you did. The body has it’s own way of healing itself through fasting. We just need to get out of the way and let it do what knows how to do.

    Are you still fighting candida? I would like to know. I personally have not given up hope that a true water fast or multiple long ones could eliminate candida.

    • test

      I am not surprised. very useful & good comment

  • The surreal McCoy

    In May & June I completed a 33 day water fast. I felt awesome, all skin problems, all itching, low mood, and fatigue were gone. Now it’s August and I have the feeling that it’s worse than before. My skin is literally itching everywhere…

    • Webmestre

      I exactly had the same reaction after starting to eat again. My skin was itching that much so that i could not stand clothes on my skin. 2 or 3 years, i could only wear coton. Organic coton was the best. i think itching is also the ultimate sign of die-off. To me, it really shows that candida is in the flesh and that’s why it takes so much to get rid of it. Itching is a milestone to recovery. hard Itching was 3 months long for me. Unbearable itching duration was 1 month.

      • The surreal McCoy

        Thanks for your reply.

        Well, it appears to me though as if symptoms I had before are actually returning. I am not sure what to do. My skin is literally itching everywhere, and I have serious dandruff. During the fast, the dandruff was completely gone. Most importantly I feel very low energy and I don’t sleep well. I feel the urge to undergo another fast…

  • Jeanette

    In biblical fasting, the folk doing the fasting were out eating wild foods and not always cooking them. They received much (wild) probiotics with their food (think like microbiota living in gut of wild locusts!)
    Look up Butyrate, a byproduct of good gut flora. Lowers inflammation, retards growth of Candida, increases the health of mucosal tissue (layer under the skin, lining of the gut wall)! Butyrate tightens the gut lining, prevents candida escape! Body uses it to make GABA, relaxation neurotransmitter.
    .. Research, and good luck!
    Yes, systematic Candida in skin and liver. A constant irritation from Candida producing ammonia and housing other infectious agents in their biofilm protection.
    Fasting digests biofilm, gut mucosal lining and pushes out toxins.. But does not introduce new makers of vitamins and anti-inflammatory gut flora into your body.
    Research how plants use soil probiotics to get nutrients from soil at the roots? Same for you. Also vital for your recovery.

    • J.G.

      About the biblical food, there is the azymes or jewish bread matza. it is the best bread with low glycemic index. Close to the Pizza pasta if we think about it.

      • Jeanette

        Which nutritional data for it are you looking at? Wikipedia reports Total Carbohydrate 84 g 28%
        Dietary fiber 3 g 12%
        which is terribly high. That’s commercial matzoh (matza) from the US. I figure the original recipe would have included the gem of the grain.
        I consider low glycemic index foods to be around 30-40g carbs to 100g bread, with a min 8% fiber content.

        With a systematic candidiasis issue though, I consider even that bread a trial, living with type 1 diabetes. U_u

        • J.G.

          WOW, i didn’t look at that carefully. It is bad for sure. Breads are bad anyways. In fact, i am french & i ate bread from time to time. Each time i eat bread it slows down the recovery process but also it helps if the die off is too much.

          • Jeanette

            Try the butyrate. :) I’m waiting on my delivery from the states! I have had the same problems, I wept horribly on iodine, had weird personality changes on Epsom salts and major flare-ups, and my intestines stop when I have borax/borate.
            I have the French blood too on my father’s side of the family.
            Am convinced this year the war is not using nuclear weapons on the enemy, but recruiting allies and their main weapon..
            Carbs are important! Butyrate inhibits how fast the Candida can reproduce. Reduces inflammation, helps clean up dieoff chemicals like ammonia. Can’t be eaten up by Candida colonies like amino acids

          • J.G.

            for someone with candida, a strict non carb diet is unbearable. I am convinced it can even kill some candida sufferers putting too much stress on the liver.

          • Jeanette

            That is right.
            Strict non carb diets starve out Butyrate-producing gut biota.
            Epithelial cells in the liver around bile ducts also use butyrate. Butyrate speeds mitochondrial activity, and speeds up bile production in the liver. The lack of bile contributes to fatty liver and cihrrosis (toxic liver).

          • Jeanette

            Try resistant potato starch, uncooked, wheat bran, oat bran. Good sources of resistant starch, harder for Candida to steal and misuse when you are eating probiotic kefir and other fermented foods.