My testimonial with water fasting against candida

At the very beginning, i thought one fasting period was enough. I was wrong, it was not the right approach. It better to start with a 2 days fast, then 3 days fast, then 5 days fast because fasting will be too difficult for people who have systemic candidiasis. The first time i fasted i thought i was going to die. I felt very weak, i could not weak up of my bed and i had strong mood swing. I felt like depressed.


Effect of fasting happens on the third day:

During the first water-fasting, i felt die-off effect on the second day. (Fatigue,need for sleep,depression). After i passed this first water fasting first attempt, the die-off effects systematically came on the 3rd day of water fasting. i quickly understood i had to fast at least 3 days to get benefits from fasting. In fact, it looked like i had benefits of fasting after 2 days and a half. It is very HARD to fast with a systemic candidiasis. I think a 30 days fasting is not achievable when we have systemic candida. I advise to progressively increase the duration of water fasting for each water fasting session. It is like training for a marathon. You don’t start with the full marathon. I keep on going taking antifungals during fasting. I have the feeling it maximizes the power of antifungals, nevertheless, at the beginnig i was unable to take anything. I don’t advise to take antifungals during the first water fasting attempt as it will double the die-off effect.

Thus, my procedure is always the same. I water fast until i cannot stand it anymore. When i cannot stand it anymore i just go eating. I did it several times. Thus, the first time, i fasted for 2 days, then 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and at last 20 days.

Some waster fasting scenario:
I will eat my last dinner on sunday evening. If it was the first water fasting, die-off effect will happen on wednesday morning. I would eat on thursday at noon. I would not take antifungals on monday and tuesday. On Wednesday, i know i will sleep a lot and get very tired. Thursday will be better.


Update may 2012:
I witnessed the efficiency of a 7 days fast. My belly has deflated and it now remains as it is even if i started to eat again. It means water fasting is a definitive boost to help recovering from Candida.


Update July 2012:

When i tried water fasting, i decided to take nothing except garlic. I discovered it is possible to maximize the effect of fasting by taking regular anti candida medicines (Diflucan,Lamisil) during the fast and also garlic. I also took baking soda. Fasting was at another level this time. I felt a near death feeling and i cried but i am used to it. I know that when i have a very intense die-off, my mood is manipulated. I cannot control my mood. My liver was hard like concrete and i had pain in my back. I expected this kind of issue. By the way, i wonder if Candida really lives in the intestine. I am more and more doubtful about it. I wonder if Candida is not located inside the liver or underneath my skin.

I conclude that eating diminish the effect of antifungals.

Update december 2012:

After a 30 days fast, my skin is itching hard. It is difficult for me sometimes to stand any clothes textiles. I am  really tired but i feel that something changed. I started eating again but something has changed. I feel i don’t need to fast anymore. Even if i eat now, i feel the same sensation than during water fast. It was worth doing it to start the recovery.


Update march 2013:

I follow my low carb diet. something is changing but i don’t know why. I start to think candida is located underneath the skin because this is where i feel things. Diarrheas are gone forever. my belly is still inflated. Today, i am under the low carb diet, i also drink lots of tea, one glass of red wine after lunch and dinner, i got one hot shower before sleeping everyday and it is as efficient as water fasting now. Water fasting triggered the massive candida die-off. Things appear to be logicial now.



Notice that after my one month diet,  when i started to eat again, i had horrific intestine’s cramps & the most painful diarrheas. I felt very weak and it took me 3 weeks to get better. I think that it can be DANGEROUS for some people to fast more than 7 days.

FYI, when i started to eat again, i ate cheese, kiwi ( yes i know it is a fruit but you need something), soup, ham… I drunk liquid or semi-liquid food.


Notice that fasting was not enough to cure from Candida and it clearly didn’t kill yeast. I mean, i think it did something but it was mild as compared to the sacrifice.