My fight against Candida

Diary about fight against a systemic candidiasis. Articles and reviews related to anti candida diet and natural or artificial antifungals

Tips to recover from Candida

on February 11, 2012

My rules:

1. Never eat between meals. Try to stick to two or only one meal per day. I discover it helped my health state to eat once or twice per day rather than 3 and more times.

2. Don’t eat resistant starchs. I discovered that eating food that is fast to digest was helping my health state. Thus, i stopped to eat bread and other resistant starch.

3. Don’t take any stimulants. I do think that stimulants are very bad and help systemic candidiasis to occur. Thus, i stopped cigarette, caffeine… Don’t forget stimulants can be┬ámedicines. To my opinion, they all increase the blood sugar level and it feeds candida.

4. Sleep a lot. I think sleep lower the blood sugar and help to kill Candida.

5. Take hot showers. I know hot showers trigger something and i do think it lower blood sugar.

6. Take a lot of antifungal during a long time. I recovered from Candida by eating something like 3000 odorless garlic pills during one year. Echinacea pills are also good. You may also take regular antifungals like Diflucan (fluconazole),Itrazol (itraconazole) and lamisil (terbinafine).