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My suspicion on gluten

on March 27, 2013

One year ago, i still used to buy lots of pre-made food from the supermarket. They all contained gluten. However, i still selected food with a low amount of carbohydrates, less than 10 grams per 100 gr. serving to be precise. I bought many kind of different type of foods but i always avoided high carbs foods provided with pastas and rice. I did not eat so much per meal. Those meal used to weight only 250 to 300 gr (10 ounces)

I have never felt so much bloated and tired after eating with this particular kind of food. Once i stopped it everything got better. I also felt this kind of food used to slow my recovery. So, i concluded it was related to Gluten because of all of those foods contain gluten in the form of corn starch, rice starch…

I tried gluten free foods bought at the local supermarket. I extensively tried pre-made gluten free food and i was not convinced by the benefits of those products. I am doubtful about those so called gluten free meals found in supermarkets (not in organic supermarket but regular supermarket). My digestion was not going so well with those foods.

There were nothing better than eating cooked food or raw food helped me to digest more easily.

Ok, there are exceptions. For instance, i bought frozen fish with sauce and it was ok. I bought some ratatouille (vegetables mix) and it was ok. Things got worst when the pre-made food product is a mix of meat and starch or meat and vegetables with sauce. In my opinion, the problem mainly lies in the sauce.

I wonder if some celiac disease sufferers have Candida.

Some people may say… i don’t have time to cook. So, i can tell you. It is just a willingness problem. If you want you can tremendously change the way you eat tomorrow and it will have no impact on your social life. It all happens in the head.

I mean tomorrow, you can eat raw carrots in the morning with cheese. You can eat a raw chicken with nuts without anything else (no pastas, no rice)… It is possible and you are not going to get worst doing so.

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