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on March 12, 2012

Horopito is an endemic plant from new Zealand with strong anti candida properties. I decided to try this plant in a soft gel form. When i took it, the effect was even more powerful than garlic. Once i have bites into one soft get, the taste was similar to strong spices. The first in-take was similar to the first-intake of echinacea. There is a body reaction. My nose sneezed and i felt additional energy. After two or three pills, the body reaction vanished. Then, i witnessed health improvements. I had an additional boost and better digestion among other things.

Nevertheless, there is one downside, it is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, i think horopito is a good candida fighter. Maybe it would be interesting to add horopito to artificial antifungals in-take. I would suggest to take only one horopito pill just before going to bed everyday. I am saying so because horopito is expensive and the best practice would be to take small amount of horopito during a long period.

Horopito soft gel quality is standard because horopito production is only made by a NZ company called Kolorex.

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