Does sport help to get rid of Candida?

exercise cycleSometimes ago, i thought that oxygen would help to get rid of Candida. I have tried to work out a lot on an exercise cycle to see whether it would help me to get rid of candida. After each exercise, i felt really bad and i had to lie down as fast as possible. hopefully my bed was not far from the exercise cycle! After working out, i felt really weak & dizzy.i also had hypoglycemia symptoms. I was forced to take a bit of sugar otherwise i could not stand it.

It interpreted as a mega die-off. So, i thought it is perhaps working. But with times, i understood it didn’t change anything. I was just hurting myself for no reasons.

Consequently, i can say it is useless to hurt yourself & suffer for nothing on an exercise cycle. In fact, in order to get rid of toxins, a little walk everyday is enough. I must also admit that staying on the bed all day long accumulates the toxins in the body.

I am now sure that all my health improvements were due to my low carb diet & all the natural remedies i used to take.

On the other hand, workouts are unnecessary and can be really dangerous.

Dave scofield

Long time candida sufferer, i am slowly recovering from a systemic candidiasis. I have tested a lot of different things to recover and i share now which natural or artificial "medicines" cure candida or not.

One thought on “Does sport help to get rid of Candida?

  1. Richard J D'Souza says:

    Any workouts are dangerous unless supervised by an expert. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise, it’s just a case of how you can exercise.