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Sun, Spa, heat and Candida – Testimonial

on January 6, 2012

I discovered i had a strange reaction if my body was expose to heat. My belly used to inflate to the the maximum. My ankles also used to inflate until one touch the other. During a hot shower or hot spa bath, brain fog used to increase. In the worst moment of candidiasis, i had to sleep after going to the shower. I felt exhausted as if i had just run a marathon as fast as i could. Nevertheless, i have never been able to determine if a hot shower or a hot spa bath is beneficial. I tried to immerse my body in the spa bath several times. Nevertheless, i didn’t notice improvements thanks to the bath.

I had also strange reaction to sun exposure. My heart used to beat very hard once i was under the sun for a certain period of time. I also tried to expose myself to the sun as much as i could during one summer. Unfortunately, i didn’t notice any improvements thanks to the sunbath.

In conclusion, i cannot really make an opinion about heat, hot water and sun exposure.