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There is no good sugar to fight candida

on April 9, 2012

Candidiasis means Zero Tolerance with sugar

After 7 years of fighting candida, i concluded sugar should be banned in any form. In fact, there is no good sugar on one hand and bad sugar on the other hand. For instance, i tried all kind of honeys, like manuka honey, but there were no benefits in eating honey. Honey didn’t help against candida. Anyways, honey contains simple carbs. So, why would honey be helpful to fight candida? It is the same issue with fruits. Fruits contain fructose, glucose and sucrose. Fructose and glucose are simple carbohydrates. Consequently, Why should fruits be good to fight candida?

I don’t understand the reasoning of many people today who consider that fruits are part of healthy food. People say the soda, sweets and cakes are bad because it contains lots of ¬†simple carbohydrates. Many fruits also contain many simple carbohydrates. However, no studies ever prove that simple carbohydrates from fruits were better than simple carbohydrates than sweets, cakes and soda. I think the difference is psychological.

 Anyways, your body does not need simple carbohydrates to survive. Inuits are here to confirm this aspect of nature. Inuit diet Reference. Inuits could not access carbohydrates as they were living on ice. They only ate carbohydrates during summer when ice melts.

For sure, we cannot totally ban sugar since vegetables contain carbohydrates. Nevertheless, we can reduce carbohydrates to the maximum. In vegetables there are no simple carbohydrates. Vegetables also contain natural carbohydrates.

In my own experience, i noticed several times in my life, that vegetables and particularly raw vegetables were among the healthiest source of food. Vegetables are very well digested. I am convinced vegetables was a good choice when we suffer from candidiasis.

All of us, contemporary people use to eat TOO much sugar. Many of us believe the issue is solved when one stop eating processed sugars. One believes that it is enough to stop chocolate, cakes and sweets. If one does that, she or he wants to reduce her or his daily carbohydrate in-take. Then, this person compensates with fruits. That is a major mistake because this person will find carbohydrates once again in fruits. I think candida sufferers are mind controlled, and when they stop to take sugars, they try to find another source of glucose because they are starving for sugar. They believe they are in control but in fact they are mind control and keeps on going eating carbohydrates under different forms like french fries, dates, bananas, apples, orange juice, raisins…