My fight against Candida

Diary about fight against a systemic candidiasis. Articles and reviews related to anti candida diet and natural or artificial antifungals

To treat candida with oxygen products.

on July 31, 2011

After 7 years of candidiasis, i witnessed that doing physical exercises created one of the strongest die-off in my body. After a day of physical exercise, i usually woke-up in the night because my blood sugar level was very low. I also felt sensations in the back, arm or legs. It was not like another die-off. I understood this one could provide me recovery in the long term. Unfortunately, when you have candida, you are too tired to do sports. That was my case. I also understood i would need a HUGE amount of daily physical exercises to see any recovery. That’s why i think Oxygen products are good. If you can’t move or if you don’t move during the day, you don’t have the opportunity to oxygenate your body. I tried myself H202 but unfortunately i think it is not accurate for fighting candida. ( i will write an article about my H202 test). I more believe in products like Ko7 (stabilised oxygen). Ko7 contains a small amounth of potassium chloride and nascent oxygen. I took up to 20 drops of Ko7 in a glass of water and i never witnessed any problem with it. I was surprised there were no interactions with any food. I used to hear bowel movements 2 hours and the product gave me a significant amount of energy. I don’t if it helped to cure from candida but i know it provided some kind of energy to do my daily tasks.