My fight against Candida

Diary about fight against a systemic candidiasis. Articles and reviews related to anti candida diet and natural or artificial antifungals

Review of Lemon to cure candidiasis

I extensively tried lemon in order to see if it was helpful against candida. It didn't work at all. Lemon has been totally useless against candida. I used to eat several lemons on a daily basis. It does
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Probiotics have been useless against Candida.

I tried several probiotics. I bought some probiotics bags that should be kept at the fridge. I bought Kefir. I also bought acidophilus packs. I tried yoghurt and Danone probiotics. None of them were helpful.
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Aloe Vera and Candida

I tried Aloe vera Gel and Aloe vera softgel. It didn’t help at all. Actually, Aloe vera gel was totally useless with Candida. Thus, take care, don’t waste your money on aloe vera.

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