Is brown rice better than white rice for an anti Candida diet?

brown riceI remember sometimes ago, i used to often go to the a local asian restaurant as there is no milk in asian food. After eating a lot of rice, i used to feel the same reaction than eating a meal with lots of carbs. I felt bloated & hot and i witnessed an increase of brainfog. I had to go to sleep after such a meal. I had exactly the same reaction with a mcdonald’s meal or any high carb meal. I tried brown rice and i didn’t see the difference. Then, i investigated why.

I have the feeling that rice is not good if you have candida. I don’t believe brown rice is any better because both carbohydrates amounts, calories, glycemic indexes are very close to each other:

Amount of carbs:

  • Brown rice: 49gr
  • White rice: 49gr


  • Brown rice: 232
  • White rice: 223
Glycemic index:
In 1992, a study carried by Pr. JB Miller tested all rices types that were available on the market. They evaluated 12 types of rice. The study included a quick cooking brown rice and white rice products. The glycemic index of the rices ranged from 64 to 93.
The study concluded that: “These results indicate that many varieties of rice, whether whitebrown, or parboiled, should be classified as high GI foods.”  Reference

% of starch:

  • Brown rice: 77
  • White rice: 79


The Glycemic index is so much varying from one rice strain to another so that i think it is safer not to eat any rice. More than 20 years ago, scientists said that rice should be considered as part of high GI foods. It says it all.

Long time candida sufferer, i am slowly recovering from a systemic candidiasis. I have tested a lot of different things to recover and i share now which natural or artificial "medicines" cure candida or not.