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Why may Diflucan (fluconazole) not work against Candida

on February 12, 2012

i tried to take Diflucan several times. I took up to 1000mg per day. Yes, i was my own guinea pig to find a way to recover from Candida. First of all, i discovered it was much more beneficial to take a small amount of Diflucan (as small as 100mg) for a long period of time rather than a big amount of Diflucan for a small period of time. In fact, in my own experience, i got diflucan effect after 1 month of taking it. In fact, it increased the brainfog to maximum. Nevertheless, i didn’t have headache that comes with the brainfog. I also felt a sensation in the middle of my back and a slow daily recovery. This sensation didn’t happen after taking 1000mg of Diflucan. To my own opinion, there is a kind of body assimilation issue. It appears that taking only one pill of fluconazole everyday helps the body to assimilate fluconazole. Plus, Fluconazole effect last 27 to 34 hours. Consequently i have the same approach than Dr Cranton Anti Candida therapy.In Dr Cranton’ patients testimonials, i red that some people took Diflucan for 2 months in a row.

Thus, i think Diflucan may be useless if we take a big amount of it during a small period. Plus, as many M.D. point out, Candida will come back if you don’t try to really ┬ámaintain your daily antifungal in-take after the Candida are gone. Let me repeat it. It has been my case. I stopped taking antifungals 7 years ago and Candida striked back.

I also think Diflucan is useless if you eat between meals (for instance, snacks). I think that everything that higher the blood sugar level, helps candida to invade your body. In my opinion, Candida has the power to fight antifungal thanks to blood sugar. So if you constantly higher your blood sugar by eating carb, you are helping candida to fight antifungal.

Diflucan may also be useless if you take stimulants (Coffee, Cigarettes and Diet Coke). All the stimulants increase the blood sugar level. I experienced myself. Personnally, i think that stimulants are one of the biggest reason why Candida spread over the body today. I link my systemic candidiasis to my stimulant history.