My fight against Candida

Diary about fight against a systemic candidiasis. Articles and reviews related to anti candida diet and natural or artificial antifungals

Sun, vitamin D against Candida

During the summer 2012, i experienced strange sensation when my body was exposed to sun. My heartbeat used to go mad. I felt stressed. I had a back pain. I used to see lots of flies in my eyes. I had to
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Hot tub, shower, candida die-off

Strangely enough, i always had a big die off after staying in a hot tub or taking a shower. It was so strong so that i had to sleep after taking a shower or a hot tub. I do think something happens, especially
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My testimonial with water fasting against candida

At the very beginning, i thought one fasting period was enough. I was wrong, it was not the right approach. It better to start with a 2 days fast, then 3 days fast, then 5 days fast because fasting will

Sun, Spa, heat and Candida – Testimonial

I discovered i had a strange reaction if my body was expose to heat. My belly used to inflate to the the maximum. My ankles also used to inflate until one touch the other. During a hot shower or hot spa
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Candida – Stimulants are also responsible for candida

Before i was craving for chocolate and i had to run to a vending machine, buy two mars bars and eat in a blink of an eye. Then, when i stopped snacks, i discovered i was craving for stimulants. I needed

Is alcohol bad or good for Candida ?

Lots of people say that alcohol can be responsible for Candidiasis. I think it is totally FALSE. In the winemaking process, The wine maker puts together grapevine juice, wine yeast and perhaps sugar.
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Buy Baking Soda online in the USA for curing candidiasis

Suggestions before buying baking soda: First of all, Baking soda is the popular term for sodium bicarbonate. When i did not know this product, i followed advices from the internet where it was said we<
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